Tom Walsham Web Design
All sites here I hand coded in (X)HTML, and CSS, and where relevant, PHP, Perl and MySQL backends.
They conform to W3 guidelines for maximum accessibility, and are coded carefully to ensure they render properly in all browsers.
For more sample CSS layouts, see 'CSS' above, and for experimental Flash Actionscript see 'Flash'.
culinary caravan screenshot Culinary Caravan
A sleek modern site for the personal chef Deb Rankine.
Utilising crisp images and interesting opacity and layers, this site gives a professional impression, while retaining the human aspect of the business.
cremedor screenshot Creme d'Or Chocolates
I provided a sharp and clean, professional site as a front-end to encourage clients to order their catalogue.
This will be used to gauge traffic to the website, with a view to a fully-featured online shopping database.
The JavaScript menu is the one item on these sites I did not code
supportyou screenshot
Following consultation with the client, was designed to project a welcoming image in line with its charitable status.
A clean site with guestbook, and email forms.
handp screenshot History And Policy
This is an example of an extremely basic site due to the client's needs. This is a resource for academics and civil servants to provide papers on policy research.
Minimal images and a simple front-end allow for speed, and optimum ease of use.
homepage screenshot My Homepage
This is my personal website, and is an example of a database-driven site.
My homegrown blog engine allows entries and comments to be added simply through the website with no coding knowledge, and the information is presented dynamically in a well-organised front-end.
zombies screenshot Zombies
A 'special interest' site, this has some light-hearted layout touches, while still functioning effectively in all web browsers.
pseudonews screenshot Pseudonews
A fully database driven site, designed as a news site to host spoof articles.
Fully compatible with all browsers, and minimal load times. Very light on graphics, while retaining the industry look.
movies screenshot Movie Database
Another example of a database-driven site.
Using hand-coded PHP and Perl scripts, with a MySQL database, this site delivers excellent performance to rapidly locate and display content dynamically.
Copyright 2005, Tom Walsham, Standards Compliant Web Design