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This is currently in a very experimental phase, though it should still be entertaining.
You are the blue chap with the gun. Zombies are green, people are not. Control using the arrow keys (click in the flash window first), and spacebar to fire. Try to shoot the zombies without killing innocent people. The people may shoot, so watch for their stray bullets.

If the zombies (or crossfire) gets you, you will die, and be resurrected as a zombie. Controls are still arrow keys, but space will then lunge forwards.

I hate to say this, but the Flash player seems to work considerably faster in IE than Firefox.
I find it unplayable at lower than about 16fps, but IE will usually give you an extra 4 or 5 fps for the same settings.
Otherwise just lower the number of people, and building coverage, as these are the primary factor in slowdown rate.

There is no game element at the moment, but I am working on that. Please send any feedback, or if you find a good balance of settings, to tom (then the @ sign)

Copyright 2005, Tom Walsham