Tom Walsham Web Design
A few examples of some experimental Flash projects using Actionscript. Focusing mainly on physics engine and natural motion models.
zombies Zombie Attack Simulator
Actionscript coded Zombie Invasion Simulator demonstrating an extremely efficient use of actionscript.
Using a grid system to reduce the number of hitTest calculations per frame allows for 20-30fps with 150 active sprites on a standard desktop
pool English 8-Ball Pool
Collision detection and physics modelling to give an arcade-style pool game. Not quite complete, but playable.
sheep Sheep Simulator
Randomly generated terrain, and random motion of the sheep on the terrain.
Use the mouse to throw them around, to test the physics engine.
icosahedron 3D Icosahedron
A rotatable icosahedron using the Flash Drawing API and a backface culling algorithm for speed.
Copyright 2005, Tom Walsham